Sandy Deringer

Aspiring author, student of life, and highly-introverted woman---but the latter is simply one of my greatest attributes. A visionary with degrees in the humanities and science, I've honed my quiet, creative, and empathetic tendencies with the intent of leaving a lasting impact on the world. Contributing writer with Thought Catalog, Honeyfire Literary Magazine, Our Verse MagazineHarness MagazineThe Mighty, Highly Sensitive Refuge, and Introvert, Dear

Dear Future Husband

It may be the weekend, but you’re crazy to think we’re sleeping in. As the morning rainfall patters against the windowsill, nature’s song is drowned out by high-pitched giggles in the hallway. You grumble something I can’t quite make out before rolling in the opposite direction with the covers in tow. “Alright,” I give in. The door swings open and our chickies slip into the sheets between us. Somehow I wind up with a tuft of Girl’s hair in my mouth, the two of us spooning tightly as if she’s se

Believe It Or Not, Quarantining Is Hard For Introverts Too

On the surface, coronavirus should seem to have little impact on the life of an introvert. We already happily live our days in the quiet solitude of our sacred spaces, reflecting on life, our relationships with others, our place and purpose within the world, and our deepest and innermost thoughts and feelings. As an INFJ, those quiet moments for me, myself, and I are my chance to recharge and escape from the overstimulation of activities and interactions with people. It doesn’t mean I dislike c

5 Reasons You Should Hire an Introvert

We’ve all been there. You spend 45 minutes navigating a ridiculously long online application, receive an impersonal, automated do-not-reply message that your application was received, and if you’re lucky, you get an invitation to interview for your dream job. This should be a joyous moment — an indication that you have the skills and know-how that the company is seeking. But when you’re an introvert who feels uncomfortable putting yourself out there or having a spotlight on you, job hunting and

3 Things I Wish I Knew as an Introverted Teenager

I wish someone had told me that all my personal struggles and disconnect from my extroverted peers were simply part of my growth. In retrospect, I had a great childhood. My parents were (and still are) loving and supportive. I grew up in South Florida where it was summertime all year round. I enjoyed school and did well in my classes, and had a handful of really nice friends who I’m still close to today. But life wasn’t always peachy, and I struggled to find a true sense of belonging, particul

A Letter to My Future Partner: What You Should Know Before Dating This Introvert

As an introvert, I need time to open up and show you the real me. Sometimes I overthink and feel anxious, so I’ll need your support. When I was 16, my first and only kiss was with a boy who lived in a different state. I admit I initially enjoyed the unwonted attention, but looking back, I knew something didn’t jive. I was nervous, awkward, and unsure, and he — in his cocky, teenage boy self — just seemed content that a girl let him kiss her. Needless to say, our “love affair” came to an abrupt

I Am Not My Extroverted Sibling, and That’s Okay

I spent a lot of my life comparing myself to my extroverted brother, wondering how I could be more like him, and yet not fully understanding or appreciating the person he is either. With a four-year age gap between us, we never had much in common. Even today, as we each navigate adulthood, I find that we’re still like two industrial-strength resistant magnets. When I was about seven, my parents were thrilled when I decided to take up ice skating. I had only attempted a few other activities like

4 Ways Embracing Hygge All Year Round Has Changed My Life

It was November 2017, a time of great upheaval and one of the lowest points of my life. Unlike other times when I had reached out to a therapist to help me control life’s challenges, this time the external circumstances were pretty much out of my hands. As a highly sensitive, self-doubting individual with crippling social anxiety, I remember how difficult the job interview had been. With the office manager and my two future employers towering over me from the adjacent desk, I had to promote my